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 ~~~ Dedicated to all VIETNAM VETS ~~~

a Base Camp for Vietnam Vets and the families of those who served with :
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Charlie Company
1st BN / 506th INF 101 ABN (Airmobile)

           All Vietnam Vets and their families are welcome on this site, . Let us know where you're from (VN & US) and how things are going. Happy to hear from all of you and WELCOME HOME.
          Check out Charlie Companies Roster page and see who's there, you just might find that long lost buddy. Just drop us an e-mail with all the info and we'll add you on. The best way for you to find your buddies and for them to find you!!!
          If anyone has any information on those who served with Charlie Co. PLEASE send whatever info you have to the e-mail listed below.                               
Thank you very, very  much in advance.
          The MAIN OBJECTIVE is to include as many names as possible to the Roster page so that old buddies can find each other, stay in touch and exchange information as needed.
          Thanks to all who have participated on making this site the BASE CAMP for CHARLIE COMPANY 1/506th INF 101 ABN. Thanks to those who still have a good memory for sharing names, places and events. Thanks to those who have sent pictures to be posted. Thanks to those who have sent stories and songs. Thanks to those who help get this site linked to theirs making it more accessible. A special thanks to Jim "ZUT" Davis who's own web site and ideas served as an inspiration for this one.
          Getting back in touch revives the camaraderie we knew in Vietnam, and for a lot of us, missed when we got back........, so                     
Welcome  Back!!
 thanks for remembering those who did not make it back.  

When you're here, you're among FRIENDS.

Please take a minute to
sign the GUESTBOOK.

          Don't forget when we were in Nam a lot of us had nicknames, call signs or whatever. Unlike real names, these were used daily and are usually easier to remember. Include your nickname when looking for some one or when you leave a message.

Charlie Companie's Message Center

         Any questions, comments  or just about anything else, just click on the
 e-mail address below and let me know.

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