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Charlie Company in the field or on a FSB
           Thanks to Doug "Moni" Moniaci we have our first 3 photos (2 on this page, 1 on Zippo's page). This is just to get started, hopefully we'll get more and more photos and stories as time goes by. So, start going through them shoe boxes, old albums or where ever else they could be and send 'em over.                             Thanks again "Moni".
Looks like Spud sitting there with his boonie hat. Hope some one can tell me the name of the guy the writing letter. In the background is Zippo talking with Short Round.
Look at the boots - been out in the boonies awhile. "Moni" was wounded not long after this picture was  taken.
(see his story on the Story Page)
FSB Ripcord
 For more information about FSB Ripcord see Links Page.
Fire Support Base Kathryn
 Charlie Co. walked off this FSB twice in 1970. Both times we had to stop half way down because of darkness. You had to find what ever you could to sleep around or hang on to, if not you would slide to the bottom, it was that steep !!                                                 Picture from : Jerry "Jackass" McGee
View from FSB Kathryn looking to the SW.  Charlie Co. spent a lot of time in the rugged terrain around this FSB in 1970.                                                                                                   Photo from Jerry Mcgee
                                                                    A trip flare goes off at FSB Barbara                photo from Hans Graff
                                                          FSB Granite              photo from R Montabano
Terrible Tom shootin' off a few rounds on his M60
This was taken by an A Co. medic.   The last "cattle truck is C Co.  You have to know what you are looking at to understand what you are seeing.  Take a good look at the fender of the C Co truck.  You may need to enlarge slightly!                                   Pic from Medic Jim Wake, 1st plt, A/1/506th

1st Lt. or Capt. "Fido" Martin - 1st Plt. Leader (left) with Chuck "Double Deuce Doc" Kerr
on FSB Jack.
Photos below  from Mark "Buckwhite" Hendrickson
 Bill "Gabby" Garnos and Sgt. Darryl Noli and  Sgt. M. "Buckwhite" Hendrickson just behind Noli.
Bill "Gabby" Garnos
Christmas in 'Nam: A warm Pepsi, a plastic Christmas tree and Artillery. Probably on FSB Jack.
 A few days on a FSB at Christmas - a good time to catch up on writing home.
Charlie Co. on fFSB Jack,The last couple months Charlie Co. was in and out of FSB Jack on several occasions.                                                                                                  Photos - Charles Reid
FSB Rakassan: from a distant, approaching LZ at the base of Rakassan, and on the way up,looks like Van humping up the hill.                                                                     Photos - Charles Reid

FSB Gladiator : Third platoon Kit Carson scout sitting on bunker he was one of several we used ,the thing I remember of him was this was a good size fellow for a Vietnamese
Photos - Charles Reid
Steve last name Bowers?? blond head guy with a couple Co.guys on Fsb Gladiator.
Photo - Charles Reid
2nd  Lt. "Peanuts" Woolworth
2nd Platoon Leader
Lt. "Peanuts" Woolworth being dusted off with Chuck "Double Deuce Doc" Kerr looking on
With bandanna ?? -  Reese (with canteens) was a M60 Gunner with 1st Plt. (69 / 70) from Tennessee
End of another day - time to dry out Name: ???
Wilde: Claimed that the 100+ lb. pack we carried made him bow legged. He might just be right!
    Lt. John Georgiton - 1st Plt Leader and      
    later C Co. XO
The Chaplain arrives in the field.
Checking out the site before the service.
Notice the 45 next to his right hand.
Looks like a full house (church).
 L-R: Animal, Chaplain, ???, Mounce(?).
Jim "Zut" Davis in the boonies
Jim "Zut" Davis at a NDP with "Animal" and Earp in back
Jim " Zut" Davis  was never a very good dresser in the field, but he was good with his M60!
 Here at a NDP with Doc Zepp
Charlie Co. in the field & SSgt. Jerry McGee
The six pictures above were submiited by Richard Montabano

Mike Reid sitting on his rucksak in the bush Summer 71: must have been resupply day, there's a beer can on the ground.

These two photos submitted by Mike Reid
From Right to Left.
"Charlie" Mike Reid, Larry "Van" Langevelde (myself), Steve (Bowers??), ???? (name not known but excellent Point Man), and
Jim "Jimmy" Welsh.
The  man keeling facing away was Charlie Co. last  Commander in VN. He came in Sept and served us well till standown in Dec. Not sure of name but remember him as a man who stood up for his men.
Squad Leader Sgt.Syner with Chicago Ed and two other third platoon guys names??
Medic Homer Smith arrived August 71 after Doc Johnson left .Homer broke his arm when thrown off a APC which hit a mine.
Chicago" ED" Rabinski M60 gunner a great guy he was the Care Package King and usually very generous with us.
Charlie Piontman from Ga. Name:Mcdonald? Very good out in the field.Wia on last day out.
Doc Johnson one of our medics in the third platoon. He took good care of us.
Wilson "Point Man " from Iowa or  ILL. He loved to walk  piont right to the time he was leaving. Behind is Sgt.Syner and Chicago Ed.
That's me, Charles Reid, getting ready hop on the huey.

The sweep of the lowlands from Evans out to firstrange of mountains. A Mech Unit  was bought up, from somewhere down south, to work with the 1/506th  from late Sept -Nov. Charlie Co. worked with them from time to time during that period.The idea of hitching a ride was appealing to  grunts that had been humping a rucksak for almost 10 months. We soon learned that these
guys made a lot of noise, and attracted alot ofattention.By the time this operation concluded we were more then happy to return to our more sutle way of humping the boonies.........Charles Reid
Charlie and Homer Smith on lead tank.,lead tank usually followed by 4 apc's (I think) when on the move, Charlie Co. guy (name???), Mech Unit guys setting up NDP.
Charlie and Homer on tank Co, guys taking a break ,bottom pic's on the move with APC's.
Panoramic view from helicopter.
Above Photos: Charles Reid