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Charlie Company

The Medics were always there for all our cuts and bruises and jungle rot.
They were there when we needed them, exposing themselves to get to a buddy who was wounded.
This page is for them.

  Battalion Aid Station
 Doc Zepp - 1st Plt
Gary "Doc" Keidwell
Docs Kerr and Taylor
Doc Taylor applying his knowledge and a
Doc Zepp treating a case of "Jungle Rot" while Larry Sterzik looks on - 1st Plt.  
Following pics from Chuck Kerr
Med Cap, Medical visits to local villages. My first job out of the  field -  Mid Nov.- late Dec. 1970
Dust off control (actual mission in progress).....what Doc did after the war.Jan-April 71...Note uniform of the day...being the ranking man I set the standard of dress. Outside the bunker there were two signs (one in English, one in Vietnamese) both said unauthorized personnel keep out!. I had the day shift, if you were injured from 0400 to 1600 I handled your dust off....
...and lets not forget those who risked their lives to get the wounded out of the jungle
and to a hospital ..........
Dustoff : NINER SEVEN    Pilot :Mr. Avenia
 Dustoff : NINER TWO    Pilot : Mr. Mercer
Both those ships carried C company grunts...Both crews went in harms way
without a thought to there personal safety. These guys were not the type who stood
off and waited for the smoke to clear.... These were the guys who didn't mind an
occasional hole in there ships when a grunts life was on the line.