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....and to all those who have participated in making this site what it is............
Jim "Zut" Davis  ~ For the initial inspiration for this site. Thanks Jim.

Doug "Moni" Moniaci ~ For all the pics, stories, songs and for your valuable
                                                                   ideas and insight.

Chuck "Double Deuce Doc" Kerr ~ For your excellent  memory, all the pics
                                                                                            and  your tons of encouragement.

Dan "Crazy" Pierce  ~ Our own missing persons bureau - don't know how you
                                                             do it Dan, but keep up the good work.

Gene "Charly 35" Overton  ~ For all the information he has supplied and for the
                                                                            excellent job he and all the others do with the 506th
                                                                            Association web site.

Judith Hartley ~ For your wonderful poems.  You have done a wonderful job and have  
                                                captured a certain spirit that brings back many memories of Vietnam.

Jerry "Jackass" McGee ~ For the pictures and especially for having been such a good
                                                                      friend over all these years

Matthew "Budweiser" Budziszweski ~ For getting a computer and scanner, but mostly
                                                                                              for having recorded so much information and
                                                                                              having kept it for so long.

John Georgiton ~ For his story and for the pictures I know he will send.....

Jerry Lazore ~ For expressing feeling we have all felt & for the poem he submitted.

Charles Reid ~ Thanks for all the photos, commentary and patience in waiting for them to
                                            be posted........

Mark Orr ( LZ Sally),  Chuck Hawkins (FSB Ripcord),  Leonard F. Russel (NCOC
          Locator) and all the others who have put links to our site on theirs as well as for
            their unlimited encouragement..............

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