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Charlie Company Reunion 2001
Memorial Day Weekend ~ Washington DC

Vietnam Veterans Memorial at the Wall
Major Mark Allyn Smith  -  ZIPPO
The 101st Memorial is currently the only Division Memorial at Robert E. Lee's old homestead (Arlington National Cemetery).

At the Airport Saturday afternoon, putting "the Zipster on the plane to S.Carolina........John, George of the Jungle, 2-2, Tom, Spoon, Himself, Dan, "the Rajen Cajun," and Dennis.....John, 1/506th Vet, 1968, Tom, 4th div. LRRP, Dennis another grunt guest, all three accompanied Crazy Dan  from St. Louis.
Moni, George of the Jungle, Crazy Dan, Zippo, Larry, Budweiser, Spoon Doc Kerr (hidden in the back) at the "Rally Point," FSB CURRAHEE.
Friday evening.

Late Friday night at the wall.  On the left, in front of "Crazy Dan" and Moniaci, is Paul Gloria, (Paul is a purple hearted ex jar head who is our good friend and is the driving force behind the effort to get the Boss the CMH for what he did at Loc Ninh).Zippo, 2-2, Spoon.  On the right is Col Tom Mckenney.....just read Monica Stevensons book "Spite House."
Zippo and Mike "Spoon" Whitaker

Zippo and Dan "Crazy" Pierce at FSB CURRAHEE......Danno smokes his first Cigar in more than 20 years.  Quite appropriate that he'd burn one with the Boss.
Poncho and Lefty  (Chuck Kerr and Zippo)
Matthew "Budweiser" Budziszweski &
Larry "Little Tex" Sonnier
John Georgiton, Chuck Kerr &
Matthew Budziszweski
Mike "Spoon" Whitaker &  John "George of the Jungle" Georgiton at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Larry Sonnier in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, at the Wall

"George of the Fiddle" John Georgiton and his fiddle or is it a violin??
"Horizontal Moniaci"  Doug "Moni" Moniaci
Listening to the music......?
Larry Sonnier
Doc Kerr & Dan "Crazy" Pierce in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, at the Wall
Mike "Spoon" Whitaker & Doc Kerr in front on the
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Budweiser and his brother, Bud Light

Chuck "Double Deuce Doc" Kerr and Zippo
Mike "Spoon" Whitaker talking with Doc Kerr
Larry Stark, flanked by Bud and Col. Tom on the left, and Doc and Spoon on the right, was the only 'civilian' P O W of the war.  He was captured in Hue, 1968 and repatriated in 73.  He was the welcomed guest of the Major. We didn't ask, and he didn't tell, just what 'civilian' enterprise had brought him to Hue.
The Saint Louis God Squad, John, Pastor Dan, Tom, and Dennis.
Seen here with 2-2 is Rick Wilson.  Rick is a Desert Storm Vet, and is Congressman Dan Burtons aid for Military affairs.  Pretty cool that  Congressman Burtons aid attended our little military affair.
Zippo bidding a farewell while waiting to board his flight....