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Charlie Company on R & R or Paid Vacation in 'Nam

The following pictures of Eagle Beach are from Hans Graff
Every once and a while there was that little something that made you forget all the humping, jungle rot, the weather that was too hot or too wet....Eagle Beach was one of those "little somethings".
Gabby Garnos & Joe Brooks going on R&R
Photo from Budweiser
The above reads exactly as below!!
* Open from 12:00AM to 1PM
*With Air Conditioned Rooms
* Contains 200 Charming Beautiful
*And Our Standing Young Ladies
*Will Always Give You A Great Time
Above is the reason so many took their R&R in couldn't beat the the prices??
Front Row: Jim Welsh (w/ green towel), Sgt.Syner and Bill Munter Back Chicago ED (blue trunks), ??, Larry Van Langevelde. And last a guy Nicknamed Red from Ind.??
 Shake'n'Bake E-5 from Houston Tx. Paul maybe first name??? A real good guy.
Night fall at Eagle Beach - The third platoon was in full party form (1) Van with refreshments myself, middle guy first name Paul?, Lt.Erickson in blue, a fine platoon leader, would leave us soon after were turned. The following pic's the same cast of characters feeling no pain.