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Charlie Co. Reunion ~ Louisiana 2003
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Charlie Co. Reunion ~ Louisiana 2003
Charlie Co. received a police escort from the City Limits of Beaux Bridge to Johnny Raymond's place.
Johnny Raymond
Ben Harrison receives Key to the City of Beaux Bridge from the Mayor

Larry "Little Tex" Sonnier and Rita
Chief and Lil Bit
Chuck "DOC" Kerr and a couple of Rangers
Col. Tom MacKinney and Steve Smith
MG Porter
Jerry McGee and MG Harrison
Mike receives Ripcord Coin from MG Harrison
Pinky and Budweiser
Doc and Spoon
Doc: doing KP?
Ken Hamill

Steve "Raider" Smith & Jerry "Jackass" McGee
Pair of Sixs ....E6s that is!
Mama Budz lays down the law!