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Charlie Co. Reunion ~ 2005
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Charlie Co. Reunion ~ Fort Bragg 2005
Danny Richard, Matthew "Budweiser" Budziszweski, John Georgiton, Mike Whitaker, Jerry Brenke,
Rick Marshall, Bruce Aaron, Jerry McGee
Outside mess hall at Ft Bragg
Jerry Brenke, Rick "Mushmouse" Marshall, Mark "Zippo" Smith,
Bruce "Preacher " Aaron,  John " George of the Jungle" Georgiton
Jerry Brenke, Budweiser, Spoon, Rick Marshall, John Georgiton
Jerry Brenke, Zippo, Mike "Spoon" Whitaker,
Bob "Spider"Hickman
Jerry Brenke, Rick Marshall, Bruce Aaron,
John Georgeton
Bruce Aaron, Rick Marshall, Jerry McGee
Mark "Zippo" Smith with Soldier
Chuck "Double Deuce Doc" and Julie Kerr
Jerry and Linda Brenke
Rick "Mushmouse" Marshall and his wife
Jerry and Linda Brenke -  Bruce and Brenda Aaron