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Charlie Company at Camp Evans
 Camp Evans - This is what a lot of Charlie Co. called "HOME".  That is, every 6 to 8 weeks when they came in from the boonies for a few days.
The mess hall of the 1/506th.

Where Charlie Company left from ,& returned to :the Evans Helo pad  Photo: Charles Reid
                                                                  Evans Helo pad                                     Photo: Charles Reid

     Zippo's Cache
                                                  Last 3 pic from J. Georgiton
   Larry "Little Tex" Sonnier - Vietnam 1970

L to R: Shortround (RTO) / Mark Taylor (Doc) /
  Name ? / Chuck "Double Deuce Doc" Kerr

 L to R : Earp, "Animal" Grice or Brice , Chuck Kerr, Danny Burris (Sniper)
Matthew Budziszewski & "Pinky"

    Mitch Mitchell and
Ssgt. Jerry "Jackass" McGee
Ssgt. Jerry "Jackass" McGee. Zippo gave him this call sign because he was so stubborn.

James "Mitch" Mitchell : A great guy & friend. He was in the rear, but he took very good care of those who were in the field. If you asked for it - He got it!!!
Mark " Buckwhite" Hendrickson and Jerry "Jackass" McGee
L to R : New Lt., Bruce "Preacher" Aaron, Mark "Buckwhite" Hendrickson
     Mark "Buckwhite" Hendrickson
     Bruce "Preacher" Aaron and ??
Mark "Buckwhite" Hendrickson
Bruce "Preacher" Aaron
Mark "Buckwhite" Hendrickson

Budweiser, Monty and a can of Budweiser.
Matthew "Budweiser" Budziszewski and Jerry "Jackass" McGee

Budweiser & Sergio  -  M-60 Team
Budweiser showing a Scout where he got his call sign.
Front : Ritch and Foy   Back : Jerry McGee Chief  -  John Georgiton  -  Darryl Noli
Sgt. Noli, Foy and SSgt. Jerry Mcgee

Jim "Zut" Davis during a standdown at Camp Evans
Jim "Zut" Davis READING the articles in Playboy

Times could be rough even when you got back to the rear, especially after a tough party.
Doug Moniaci with two other Screaming Eagles.
Randy Hughes      Theodore Kneal      Joe Brooks
Budweiser and Doug Ketterling
  Doug Ketterling
GI Mailman (see story below)
   Doug Ketterling GI Mailman                   Bill "Gabby" Garnos                           Randy Hughes
2 Stars and Stripes Articles and an Article & Photo of Randy Hughes that appeared in a U.S. Newspaper

The Mail Room with Terrible Tom  -  Pinky  &  Fox Minunni
Articles and photo from Matthew "Budweiser" Budziszewski
Mike "Yoyo" Miller trading hats with a Papa-san
The Battalion Co. taking it easy in the rear during the last days of Camp Evans.    photo from Hans
Photo s 1 & 2:  The on right E-5 was a squad leader for short time was reassigned to rear ,Bill Munter white shirt (third platoon Sniper carried  m-14 with scope), C. Reid at the end , Larry "Van" Langevelde ,Jim Welsh writting enjoying some refreshments in the rear.
Photos - Charles Reid