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Mark "Zippo" Smith

       This site would not be complete if it did mention in some way or form  Major Mark "Zippo" Smith. He, by himself is a major reason a lot of guys not only supported the hardships of the boonies but also in many, many cases made it back alive.  All those who knew him during their stay in Vietnam had a great respect for his extraordinary ability to do the right thing at the right time. We,  who know him, admire and support what he did for us and what he has done for the cause of all  P.O.W./M.I.A.  I salute him here for all he has done.
Submitted by :
Mark A. Smith, USA (RET), "Zippo"
Ground commander, Battle of Loc Ninh
The callsign of the American on the ground who seemed to be holding it all together was Zippo...............

This site is a must. Jim "Zut" Davis is one of the greatest guy's I know. He was the M-60 Gunner of my squad. Sure, he has gotten older (like all of us) and put on a few pounds (like some of us) over the years, but for the important part, he has not changed at all. He is still the same guy that I knew in Nam, he will always have that special ability to remain young in his head. If there were more people like him............well, maybe it's better that there aren't, because he is unique!! Plus he has a talent that those who knew him might never have expected: CREATIVITY. If you want to have a good time and have some fun click on this web site........I guarantee you will not regret it!!


Excellent site on POW / MIA
Welcome to the
Since 1989, dedicated to information distribution on our
Prisoners of War and Missing in Action Servicemen.

A stand down web site for Vietnam Veterans.
Dedicated to the mighty groundpounders of combat...
is the home of
Offering web solutions for veterans everywhere.

The VietNam Casualty Search Page
No Quarter
Search the WALL for names
A Very, very good site on POW / MIA.

Remember Ft. Benning - the heat &  humidity? Remember being called "Shake'n'Bake? Good site to look up some of the old Sgt. (check your DD214 for your graduation date). Might find some familiar names here and have a thought for those brothers who were KIA.
Great site, but arm yourself with a little patience: beaucoup, beaucoup archives to go through. Found a few old friends here, so you HAVE GOT to find some one you know.
A site about the 1st Brigade. A good site, Check it out and see for your self. Lots olinks, especially with the Vietnam Veterans Webring.
Many, Many Great Links - Try this site once and you will be addicted - Get ready to go back often. Tremendous Site !
Everything about where to go, what to do - for Vietnam Vets.
A link to lots of links about RVN and Vietnam Vets..........
 Ripcord : a Fire Support Base a lot of us remember..

From: A - as in Airborne to:  Z - as in Zippo
Similar to the above web site
You want info on any and/or all of the Military Services or anything else for ACTIVE MILITARY, RETIREE & VETERANS the INFO LINKS are all right here !!
Also, if you like Tom Clancy, model airplanes or amateur radio......
Very touching poems with good music - very nice

The Kitchen Table Gang needs your help (and hopefully some of your hard-earned money too)!
We are a rag-tag bunch of military types trying to make life a little easier for our veterans in government hospitals throughout the United States.
100% of all contributions go towards this project -we have no paid employees, no office, no overhead, no nothing -zilch! There is not any profit taken from this program by myself or anyone else!
These guys are from my home town, so I'll keep an eye on 'em !


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