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(30/30 = 30 years and 30 lbs.(and over in some rare cases) after Vietnam.)
Please send in your photos and let us see how good looking you've become!!!
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 Mark Allyn Smith  
                  19??                         Zippo                     1970
Dan Pierce, Doug Moniaci and Chuck Kerr (kneeling) in           Doug "Moni" Moniaci
front of the "Moving Wall"  06/20/00 - Tom, a vet from the                         1970
Americal Division, in the green t-shirt on the left.                                             
                              Vietnam 1970                                                           Washington DC 2001
                  Chuck "Double Deuce Doc" Kerr & Matthew  "Budweiser"  Budziszewski
  Chuck  "Double Deuce Doc" Kerr, in 1970 and now, with son  Mark Allan (Ranger)
  and granddaughter Megan  

                                                                   Keri Thomas & Doc Kerr
Keri Thomas served his Country for six years, leaving as a SSG,
Ast Team leader of the 75th Rangers Regimental Reconnaissance Detachment.
Keni was a team leader in Chalk 3, Super 6-6, of "Task Force Ranger," the men who fast roped into the Bakara Market area of Mogadishu, Somalia.  Sgt. Thomas was on the ground for the
eighteen hours of what has been called, "the most intense fire fight American soldiers have fought since the Vietnam War."  Read "Blackhawk Down."  


                   Today     Mark "Buckwhite" Hendrickson     in 1970

                                           Today              Jim "Zut" Davis      in 1970

                     Mike "Yoyo" Miller - With and with out a mustache................... .and in Vietnam

Larry "Little Tex" Sonnier  - Back in 'Nam - 1970 and now.

 Michael Metzger

       Jerry McGee and his wife Donna              Ssgt. Jerry  "Jackass"  McGee
                                                                                                   Vietnam 1970

                            Today - 2001                                                Vietnam 1970
                         Matthew  "Budweiser"  Budziszewski and his wife Pam
                              May 2001                                                   Vietnam 1970
                                                   John "George of the Jungle" Georgiton

                                            Today - 2001                                                         Vietnam 1971
                                                                Charles Reid & his wife, Joyce
                                Today - 2001                         Dessrt Storm 1990                            Vietnam 1969
                                                                         Steve "Raider" Smith

Today 2002...Richard Montabano....Viet nam 1970